Hey y'all. Its been a minute since I have blogged and I thought I would change it up a bit this month and share something thats really important to me! I call myself a documentary photographer and its not a word to make myself or my brand sound fancy. Its definitely a style that I have grown to love! I have always been inspired by video, in fact, I am super envious of all the amazing cinemetographers reading! I love what you all do. I try to think of a photo session as a video and capture it that way. I like the idea of seeing it as a moving piece and not a stand and pose type of thing. This has become an important part of the experience I try and create for my clients! When I scroll through a gallery it plays back to me like it was one piece all along. If you have ever shot with me you will see glimpses of this. My frames aren't always in the rule of thirds or I don't always get the entire face of my subject in my photos, sometimes I have a lot of motion happening, and always a ton of emotion! This doesn't mean I don't get the posed shots but I like to give good direction that keeps you moving and having fun instead of a static shoot. This shoot I did below with this sweet family is one of my favorites this season! The kiddos made it easy to keep moving around allowing us to get our workout in for the day AND they often forgot I was even in front of them taking a photo! I would also like to add, I think its important as a part of getting families and couples comfortable, to take them to a location that allows them to relax. I have done so many sessions this year in front of or inside of peoples homes. It has been one of the best experiences for me! Enjoy a look at this session from a week day morning in may at this sweet families home. XO. 

Jordan Mobley